Who We Are ?
Welcome to Colorz n Style where you have defined the footstep to fashion. We build fashion & trends and live them.

A group of enthusiastic people with a combination of 25 years of the industry includes seasoned professionals & technicians and a new dynamic highly educated team with lots of creative ideas that help to revolutionize the concept of Leather & Leather Foiling (Transfer Paper) designer.

Colorz n Style was established in 2015, with the goal of bringing to the Indian market the best of the Leather Fashion Foil world. The Premium one-stop shop for all High & Lower-end Leathers & Best-Quality Transfer Foils and Allied Services, from the World's Fashion Capital i.e. Italy, and India's Best Tanneries.

We are a culture of dreamers and doers who prove that we are most happy when we innovate and create new things every day. We are dedicated to our work, as we are the minds and creatives with a strong sense of business and creative ideas, designed to connect people to what is most important -- the experience.
Hand Crafted
Premium Quality
Genuine Leather
Eccentric Design
Endless Possibilities


  • In house facilities of top class machines with efficient production value in a friendly and smooth atmosphere.
  • Newly built modern factory spread over 15000 sq ft of floor an area in the industrial city of Noida, equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure.
  • Pan India Presence (Chennai, Kanpur, Agra, Mumbai, and Kolkata) (all the most important leather hubs in the country).
  • The professional and experienced team from top fashion and leather institutes such as HBTI, Kanpur, FDDI Noida, etc.
  • Procurement of right products from leading Italian brands and certified tanneries in India.
  • Microfilm SRL 's sole distributors and Menphis S.P.A, Italy's official partners.
  • Detailed research and development in partnership with Italian film companies, international brands and designers from the top fashion institutes in India before the season.
  • Timely delivery & Support continued.