Powered with strong infrastructure and technically expert manpower, we offer macro and micro services.

  • In-house Product development team. You can send us your inspiration, design or any concept, we will match and offer closest options within existing huge range of inventory
    or by developing new product for your requirement.
  • We undertake complete order of Foil Finished Leather.
  • Foiling job work through best high-speed roller machine along with German hydraulic press (Turner)

Embossing/Debossing- Operations mainly assisted by our specialists using highly efficient hydraulic and roller embossing machines with help of plain plate, hair cell plate and many other reptiles, snakes, leopards, geometric, flower embossing plates. Accomplished with a combination of desired pressure and temperature.

Scaling & Perforation : Very high precision ultra-modern Scaling and perforation machine to give leather scally look very similar to natural scales of any animal. We can also perform more than 100 types of perforated patterns on any kind of leather.

Hot wet tumbling: A technique for smoothing and polishing the leather giving it a softer feel. Leather is made wet and then dried in highly precision leather driers by wet tumbling to get raised, shrunken, used look effect which is in high demand these days. A procedure that requires the precise combination of manual & mechanical operation. Taking this methodical machine, our team works upon making the leather look more vibrant.

Dry-milling : Distinctive milled leather. A key process to soften the leather for adequate compliance. Based on the last stage of the operation, removal of dust accumulated dust and humidity of leather is removed. Through the soft falling action the natural line of the leather is intensified.

Finishing and Dye matching: We also undertake finishing and dye matching job work on your leather for any desired look through highly trained leather technicians with us. Leather Measurement Machine: We have inhouse roller kind leather measurement machine
with high accuracy results. You can send your leather for checking exact measurements.