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FOIL FINISHED LEATHERS: from Ideas to Reality !!! Just share your design inspirations with us and we’ll give it a shape.

Leather needs to be processed and thus it needs a finishing layer on top surface to make it usable. There can be various conventional methods of doing so by way of wet chemical application. As result, the leather attains the natural shine & texture and we can achieve various classic pigmented finishes.

However, when it comes to: Fast-Fashion, where a Young girl wants a Jazzy Golden Snake Jacket for an evening, to pair it with Exotic Snake Printed Pants and Croco scaled boots to,

High-Fashion where a Suave man looks for Classic Black Suede Herringbone Printed Jacket on crisp white shirt paired with Exotic Black Mamba Printed Loafers, FOIL has answers for all !!!

FOILING is the process by which we can do dry finishing of desired effects like; Metallics, Animal Prints, Distressed effects, etc. directly on the crust leather.

It’s a sort of finishing chemistry resting on a poly sheet which, when pressed at high pressure and at a certain temperature, gets transferred on the given leather surface. And VOILA !!! the foil finished leather is ready to use.

You get enormous options of to choose from available designs and also the flexibility of making your own combinations.

Product Range

Under Foil Finished Leathers

Metallics: Add a dash of LUXE to your leather!!!

It’s kind of very thin (5 microns) membrane which imparts Metallic shine and luster to the surface it’s transferred upon. It makes the leather shiny yet keeping the natural properties of the base leather intact and as natural as it can be. The leather stays porous and breathable and thus fir for usage in bags, belts, garments and footwear application.

There are variety of effect in Metallics like; Glossy, Matt, Distressed, etc

Designs: We make leather, a Work of Art !!

There’s a vast span of designs in foiling technique and when transferred on leather, it can make your leather look like the way you want it to be.

Foils enables you to have Military Camouflage, Exotic Reptiles, Fresh Florals, Geometric Patterns, Jungle Animals, etc. on your choice of leather.